MTV, Comedy Central & Nickelodeon press site

Press Site for Viacom UK & Ireland contains 3 microsites, each with its own distinctive branding: MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. The site boldly showcases high quality images from each brand by having them at the forefront of each page. The live site is here.

© copyright VIACOM. Designed at BrightLemon in collaboration with BetterThings.


Research & Wireframing

Following a comprehensive research, I analyzed user-stories, prepared user-journeys and produced detailed annotated wireframes for multiple pages and numerous dynamic states within them.


Homepage design

Viacom UK & Ireland "mothership" homepage was designed using Viacom International Media Network brand guidelines. However, each channel section inside it features its own visual style.


Press Release article

All channels including Comedy Central and Nickelodeon share the same structure and navigation paradigm but they are stylized differently according to their individual brand guidelines. Example below is for MTV.


MTV: channel home page & TV show page


Comedy Central: channel home page & TV show page


Nickelodeon: channel aggregated home page & TV show page



Other work included creating a visual timeline of Viacom brands: MTV, Comedy Central & Nickelodeon highlighting the most important events and milestones.