Comcast NBC Universal Hackathon 2015: Grand Prize & Category Winner

I was the concept creator and designer of "Golden Ticket", a social, frictionless and personalized experience helping people to gift films and TV shows in a digital form. The project, created in 24 hours, was pitched against 25 other teams and won the Grand Prize as well as its category, "Gifting Digital Content".

The theme of the hackathon was “The Future of Content Creation, Distribution and Monetization in a Connected World". Team members included Dean Bryan, Glen Cooper, Marcel Gogo, Peter Mechelsen. More information is also available on NBC Universal site.

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Brainstorming & sketching initial concepts

Initially, I brainstormed ideas for all four challenges including also: Social Transactional & Impulse Purchase, Driving Social interaction Within a Subscription Service and Next Generation Advertising. However, after numerous doodles and notes I decided to focus on Gifting Digital Content where I saw a big potential: both increasing engagement and value for the user and driving sales for NBC Universal.


Gifting Digital Content: making digital 'personal'

For many years, films and TV shows have made perfect gifts. The digital revolution has changed this. Digital videos or gift cards lack the magic of its physical counterpart. The challenge was to breathe new life into this practice. So I thought about the personalization and rich media that the digital space facilitates and got inspired by Coca Cola's Sweater Generator and The Madden GIFERATOR by Electronic Arts.


Golden Ticket's user's journey

Golden Ticket is an online space where people pick any film or TV show from NBC Universal's catalogue and "package it" with a personal, visually-rich message before gifting it digitally. The message, is made out of multiple elements including visuals and characters from NBC Universal's productions. The experience is cross-platform and embeddable on social media (with exclusive content made available for doing so).

Design: the richness of NBC Universal content + personal input  

Golden Ticket takes the advantage of the volume of NBCU's iconic imagery from so many different movies and TV shows. It combines it with users' custom input ensuring each gift is personal and that 'unwrapping' it is a highly engaging audio-visual experience that seamlessly takes the recipient to the video received.


Mockup showing the integration of the Golden Ticket on NBCU website


Team "Golden Ticket" receiving the Grand Prize