My Vibe TV concept for Sky. TechCrunch Hackathon 2015

My Vibe is a contextual TV show recommendation mechanism driven by your emotions and context: where you are and who you're watching TV with. It's a far cry from the robotic and very often irrelevant algorithm-driven suggestions. The concept was developed during Tech Crunch Disrupt Hackathon, London 2015, together with Oliver Binns, Alex Lilburn, Daniel Slavov, Andrew Walker and pitched in 60 seconds.

Although conceptualized as a standalone app, My Vibe TV could be integrated with existing platforms of major broadcasters and VOD services as a new, engaging feature. It would also create value from the commercial point of view: allowing advertising (where applicable) to be similarly targeted, based on viewers' emotions, and therefore arguably more sensitive and effective. 

© programme images copyright Sky. 


Brainstorming & idea development

After being introduced to the brief by Sky, our team brainstormed new ways to recommend video content. We narrowed these down to what we believed was still unexplored but with a strong potential. What appealed to us most were the contextual aspects of watching TV: how you feel at the moment, who you're with and where are you (you could be watching TV on a mobile device while commuting to work and this context could mean different viewing preferences such as favoring short-form videos).


Storyboarding user journeys

We story-boarded 2 different journeys detailing how the product would be used. The first one focused on viewers' emotions at the specific time when a TV show finishes. Emotion-driven recommendations mean that the viewer is incentivized to carry on watching and more likely to enjoy the next TV programme. The second journey illustrated a shared viewing experience with suggestions catering for every user and changing depending on the time and the people present (compromising the suggestions to suit everyone).

Wireframing & Design

The name and the visual identity of the product highlight the "moody" aspect of it. Inspired by emoji, the platform's primary interface is a large selection of faces: each represents a certain emotion (or "vibe"). Choosing an "emoticon" provides a list of films and TV shows that elicit this particular emotion.


Future: send emoji for instant TV recommendations

Second phase would include the introduction of My Vibe emoji keyboard. It would allow viewers to get TV programme recommendations by simply messaging or tweeting a certain emoji face. Engagement could be enhanced further by allowing a combined emoji suggestions: sending 2 emojis would yield a suggested video which elicits both emotions represented by these emojis. The other application of emoji could include viewers "rating" the content after watching it. By doing this, the viewers would associate a certain emotion with a video and therefore, improve the "emotional meta-data" for all the users of the service. 


Future: integration with the existing platforms

My Vibe can also work within the framework of mainstream platforms, such as Samsung's 2016 Tizen TV.


My Vibe TV: venue,team and pitch

Hackathon photos by David Woolfall for TechCrunch. Full album is available here.