VOD experience on high-end connected TV

The new ITV Hub (formerly ITV Player) for connected TV is a visually-rich, intuitive and easy to use VOD app. It has a flat structure with a shortened user-journey to the latest episode and an instant-access contextual list of all episodes of this programme. The image-rich home screen features 3 pages of most popular/featured videos for content browsing. The concise A-Z directory allows quick show-finding and episode-picking. Further releases with multiple additional features will follow soon.

© copyright ITV. Designed at ITV with numerous ITV team members deserving credit.


Research & analysis

I researched multiple VOD connected TV apps to capture the best and the worst practice. Soon, a theme started to emerge: many apps relied on shortcut keys which forced the user to look at the remote and away from the screen, adding friction to the experience. The best solutions seemed to take advantage of the intuitive, tangible direction-control pad on the remote. What also worked well was a flat structure with as little steps to the content as possible. The other challenge included showing the right amount of content on the front page: neither an overwhelming list of tiny items nor a small selection of large items.


Initial sketches of navigation paradigms & wireframes


Sitemap, user flows & annotated wireframes



Episode Playback








Homepage - walkthrough

Categories - walkthrough